Coffee Recovery

It’s been almost a month.

The first day sucked.

On the second day, I freaked out when I discovered that Ronan hadn’t carefully followed his social studies assignment.

It can be as long as we want,” he said.

I practically hyperventilated when the teacher told me she’d handed out a long list of specifics.

“I asked you if there was a list,” I whined.  “I’m just..I’m so…mad.”

“Um, Mom,” he said. “I think it’s because of the coffee that you’re so upset.”

“No,” I said, clutching my head.  “Well, maybe.”

After that, I just got over it.  (And his “Letter” was fine, btw)

Within a week, my coffee cravings were gone.  I was able to brew a pot for Joe when he needed to get up for a baseball game and for my mother when she was visiting.

“You’re not going to stop me from drinking coffee, are you?” she said.

I bought myself some “Fancy Jasmine Green Tea” from Pete’s Coffee.  No it’s not as macho as my pot of black coffee, but it tastes good and it’s warm and has a comforting ritual of its own.

The unexpected upside is that I am no longer exhausted in the afternoon.  For years, I’ve wanted to take a nap at 3:05pm – the exact moment that the carpool loads into my car.  Since I’ve switched to tea, that sudden crushing exhaustion is simply gone.  I’m not sleeping more hours, in fact, it seems like I need less sleep now.  When I do sleep, I don’t wake up as often or as soon after I’ve gone to bed.  The other night, I even made it all the way to 5am – a record since Ronan was born.

As far as the rest of that horrid heartburn diet, I’ve had trouble.  It was spring break, which still seems to mean PARTY to me, even though I’m not a college sophomore.  Then it was Easter, with its divine jellybeans: Sweet Tart, Starburst, Jolly Rancher…   And those Cadbury eggs!  I’ve tried not to eat late at night, but that was tough on vacation, which is why, just as Jennifer predicted in her comment:  Omeprozole has indeed become my new best friend.  I even used a coupon yesterday – something I never do – to buy it in bulk.

Because I’m not as tired since I switched to tea, I am generally in a better mood, so I’m nicer to my kids.  That alone makes my heart burn less.  🙂

About Lindsay Jamieson

Author of Beautiful Girl, mother of 2, wife of cinematographer, former dancer, snowboarder -- recovered bulimic.
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2 Responses to Coffee Recovery

  1. Sometimes coffee makes me cranky, it’s true. But I’m still not rushing to give it up. Though it would be nice to not get exhausted in the afternoon. Love jes

    • I would never have given up coffee if the doctor hadn’t insisted. I had no idea that weird 3pm exhaustion would be eliminated. I thought it was just my body’s need for a siesta. 😉

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