Bad News Bs

Our season is over.  That is, the Westside Tennis League season.  For those of you who are just tuning in, I won’t be bragging about lots of wins – it was not that kind of year.  We started out with 5 players when most teams have 8.  We lost and lost and won and lost and lost.  Did I mention that I was the captain of this team?  Oh, yes, it was I who led my players into the fray.  I even bounced our pro off of line-up detail so I could carry all of the blame myself.  Fun times.

Finally we found our wonderful 6th.  Aside from the fact that she’s good and tall and fun and funny, I no longer had to call twelve women every week begging for someone to sub.  Around the middle of the winter (yes, we have winter in LA – with record rainfall this year) one of our teammates instituted the “Fun Bus.”   Just cause we didn’t have victories to celebrate didn’t mean we couldn’t get drunk.  😉

A friend of mine who was a renowned college athlete even suggested tying-one-on when I told him of my tennis woes. “We used to drink the night before big games,” he confessed.  “I’ll tell you, once we’d gone there together, I knew my teammates had my back.”

It kind of worked for us, too.  Things started to turn around.  There were even days when we “swept,” winning all three lines.

We played a total of 19 times this year, facing the real housewives of the greater Los Angeles area.  Some matches were horrible (Malibu), some were easy and fun (Marina), one Tuesday morning, we even had to call the LAPD.  (A crazy man attacked our opponents when we played at Stoner Park) There were generous line calls and stingy ones.  There were nice women, and obnoxious ones:

“Bitches on wheels,” one teammate said while we were carpooling to Beverly Hills Country Club.  (Not actually in Beverly Hills)

There were cracked public courts (best players) and infamous country clubs (best snacks), hard balls and moon balls, lobs, slices, little spinners that drop just over the net.  Ugh.  But there were also some great points played, when we knew what to do and did it, when we had it going on.

My teammies gave me a little gold bee, because we’re the B1 team.  You know what?  Low stats and all, I wear that bee with pride.  We didn’t fall apart – we soldiered on.  My guess is next year we’ll soldier on again.

About Lindsay Jamieson

Author of Beautiful Girl, mother of 2, wife of cinematographer, former dancer, snowboarder -- recovered bulimic.
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