by Lindsay Gallagher on 11/27/2011

It’s been a while since my last blog.  It’s been weeks since I’ve written anything at all.  Maybe it’s writers block.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been pre-occupied by the following:

  1. Discovering termites: 6 infestations/2 estimates.
  2. Spaying Flowers.  In an attempt to find a better/cheaper vet, I switched to a fancier, more expensive one and opted for high-tech laser surgery.
  3. Tess home with sore throat.  Strep tests.  Negative.  Phew.
  4. The resignation of Ronan’s teacher.
  5. Report card #1 – Ronan.
  6. Veteran’s Day – no school.  Also,  Joe’s birthday.  The date – 11/11/11 –  was believed by some to signify the end of the world.
  7. Housing smashed off my driver’s-side mirror while parked on Melrose.
  8. Nutcracker rehearsals week #9.
  9.  Last week of fall ball season.  Go Warriors!
  10. Dog sitting.  4 days/nights with 3 dogs.
  11. Bagging (or chucking) all food and beauty products that have accumulated in my house over the past 6 years.
  12. Research and subsequent fear of Vikane and Chloropicrin.
  13. Stomach flu #1 –Tess.
  14. Early dismissal week – Ronan.
  15. Tenting and evacuation at 7am on a school day.
  16. The annihilation of termites (and anything else living in the walls/floors/ceilings of our house).
  17. Palm Springs.
  18. Re-entering house.  Chloropicrin is tear gas.  Fun times.
  19. Un-bagging food etc.  To eat or not to eat?
  20. Nasty cough #1 – me.  (Or epic Palm Springs Hangover? Or annual Nutcracker sickness #4?)
  21.  Teacher conference #1– Ronan.  New teacher is better than the last.  🙂
  22. Nutcracker rehearsal week #10.
  23. Baseball tournament.  Go Warriors!
  24. Stomach Flu #2 – me.
  25. Joe’s knees.
  26. Report card #2– Tess.
  27. Nasty cough #2 – Ronan.
  28. Drama-girl drama.
  29. Half-day for Ronan.  Dr’s appointment.  Inhaler prescribed.
  30. Thanksgiving with friends.  🙂
  31.  A rat bite in an apple on our kitchen island.  No droppings.  No other signs.  Impressive rodent must have moved into termite-free house.
  32.  Stomach flu #3 – Ronan.  (Or over-zealous turkey-eating?)
  33.  HUGO.  🙂
  34.  Rat hunt.
  35.  Capture/execution of rat.  Thank you, Joe!
  36. Tess’s tears over the murder of the “cute” rat.  I warned her not to look.

Now we are in Nutcracker rehearsal week #11.  Next week Tess has half days and a teacher conference.  The following week Joe goes back to work– yay – Ronan has a baseball tournament and a swim meet, and the ballet company loads into the theater.  Christmas lights are already going up around the neighborhood.  Thankfully, today everyone seems healthy.  And miraculously I have a minute while the laundry is in the dryer.

This isn’t quite writing, but it’s a start.


About Lindsay Jamieson

Author of Beautiful Girl, mother of 2, wife of cinematographer, former dancer, snowboarder -- recovered bulimic.
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